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VMware Explore 2024 Las Vegas Content Catalog is Live!

With this year’s VMware Explore Las Vegas drawing nearer, the opening of the Content Catalog is finally here. At the time of writing the catalog lists over four hundred sessions spread out across multiple session types, level and focuses. While you cannot build your scheduled yet, that is slated to open on July 16th. For now, you can go through and start to favorite sessions you want to attend. I would highly recommend starting to go through the catalog to give you ample time to browse and save yourself a lot of time when the scheduler opens.

Start Using the Catalog

  1. If you are already registered, you can just login and head straight to the Content Catalog.
  2. Start looking through sessions using the filters on the left.
  3. When you find a session, you will want to attend just click the to add it to your favorites list.

Then when the scheduling opens, you can filter your list in one click using the ‘My Favorites’ checkbox on the left and start to fill out your schedule. In case you want a starting point for your search, I have put together a few predefined searches for the type of content I look for and enjoy. Firstly, my preference for any session is for it to be as technical as possible. So, this first search is all the technical level 200 and 300 sessions in the catalog.

Next, is a search for all sessions taking place on either the Community or {code} Theater stages. This is a fantastic way to learn about multiple topics quickly. Each talk is about half the length of a traditional Breakout Session, so they are also great for filling gaps in your schedule or just stopping by while you are in The Hub.

Oh, and before I forget I am going to plug my own session this year! This will be my second time talking on the {code} stage but the first-time flying solo. If you are at all interested in how to manage your physical hosts via the REDFISH API here is my session.

Finally, you need to make sure to have activities like the Expo Bash and end of conference party on your schedule. This search pulls up all Activity events taking place during the conference.

Hopefully, this helps you get a start to picking out sessions, and I cannot wait for you to join us at VMware Explore 2024 on August 26th!

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