Replacing a vRealize LogInsight node

NOTE: I am not a member of VMware Global Support Services, nor should you use this as any sort of replacement for a service ticket or vmWare published documentation. This is just a process that I had to piece together during my own support case with them wanted to document for home lab use. Attempt the below steps at your own risk.

Problem Statement

While trying to expand storage per the VMware documentation within 2 separate vRLI 4.5 clusters, I had 1 of 3 nodes in each cluster fail to expand storage. After a few hours with support via email and phone, and several attempts to salvage the nodes by trying to expand the storage manually, it was decided that the nodes needed to be replaced.


Unjoin bad node from cluster, backup the log data off the node, Delete node, build new node, join new node, restore data to appliance, load data into vRLI.

Procedure Used

  1. Remove Node from cluster via UI by following the documentation for your version of vRLI
  2. Find a secondary location you can temporarily store the data. I had a utility server that i added an extra 2.3 TB drive to for this.
  3. We used PSFTP to connect and move data
  4. login to the ‘bad’ node as root open root@<applianceFQDN>
  5. use lcd <destionation loc> to set your local directory to the destination for the data you found in step 2
  6. navigate to the log ‘blob’ on the appliance - cd /storage/core/loginsight/cidata
  7. pull that data - get -r store store
  8. Wait. this is probably going to take a while. I had to leave hours running overnight.
  9. When the file copy is done, validate you have the right amount in your backup location
  10. I had our first copy fail to copy it all so I had to try again
  11. Power down the node being replaced
  12. Delete the VM
  13. Redeploy a new node with the same host-name and IP address
  14. Join the new node
  15. via the vRLI console, place the new node into Maintenance Mode
  16. Open PSFTP
  17. login to the new node as root open root@<applianceFQDN>
  18. lcd back to your location for step 2. DO NOT lcd INTO the ‘store’ folder that was created
  19. cd /storage/core/loginsight/cidata
  20. load the data back into the appliance using put -r store store
  21. Waiting again
  22. Putty into the appliance as root
  23. run cd /storage/core/loginsight/cidata
  24. Set the correct permission son the store folder with chmod 755 store
  25. Stop services on the node with service LogInsight stop
  26. run the following script to load the log data into the LogInsight application: for bucket in $(ls /storage/core/loginsight/cidata/store | grep -v 'generation\|buckets\|strata_write.lock'); do echo y | /usr/lib/loginsight/application/sbin/bucket-index add $bucket --statuses archived; done
  27. more waiting
  28. start up services - service loginsight start
  29. via the vRLI UI, bring the cluster out of maintenance mode
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